Family Meals

Looking for dinner? Our family meals feed 4-6  people and can be picked up in just 30 minutes or delivered to your door

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Traditional Family Meals
Pot Roast w/Vegetables                  35.00
3 lbs. slow-roasted pot roast
3 lbs. mashed potatoes
8 oz. beef gravy
Chicken Galore                               35.00
3 lbs. chicken galore
2 lbs. pasta
½ pan BroadStreet Salad
Roasted Turkey                              35.00
3 lbs. slow-roasted turkey
2 lbs. homemade stuffing
3 lb. mashed potatoes
½ lb. cranberry sauce
½ lb. Turkey Gravy
3 lbs. breaded haddock
1 lb. bleu cheese coleslaw
2 lb. macaroni & cheese
Chicken Marsala                            35.00
3 lbs. chicken marsala
3 lbs. mashed potatoes
½ pan BroadStreet Salad
Chicken Florentine                         35.00
3 lbs. chicken Florentine
3 lbs. mashed potatoes
½ pan BroadStreet Salad
Pasta  Family Meals!
Feeds 4 to 6 People
Choose any one of our homemade pasta dishes, add a warm loaf of Italian bread fresh from the oven and our signature Broadstreet salad and you’ve got a hearty meal big enough to feed six genuine Italian appetites!
Bon Appetite
Zing Chicken                                  36.00
Cubes of chicken sautéed with hot peppers in a creamy alfredo sauce and tossed with penne pasta.
Penne Broccolini                            36.00
Bacon, garlic and broccoli sautéed in a creamy alfredo tossed with penne pasta and Romano cheese.
Summer Pasta                        36.00Sweet peppers, mushrooms, onions, tomatoes and fresh spinach sautéed in a light wine lemon sauce tossed with penne pasta and Romano cheese.
Penne & Meatballs                28.00 
Imported penne pasta tossed with homemade tomato sauce served  with 12 meatballs


Sweet Potato Fries                     5.00/lb

Potato Salad                                5.00/lb

Bleu Cheese Coleslaw                5.00/lb

Green Beans                                4.00/lb

Steamed Vegetables                   4.00/lb

Macaroni & Cheese                     5.00/lb

Mashed Potatoes                        4.00/lb

Gravy(Turkey or Beef)                 4.00/lb

2 Liters                                               2.50

loaf Italian bread                               4.00                                                                             



Cookies                                              6.00

Fresh-baked and served by the dozen! Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter, or Oatmeal

Brownies                                         12.00

Twelve Iced Chocolate brownies baked with walnuts and topped with gooey melted fudge.


Chocolate Chip Cannoli         1.75/Each


464 S. Broad Street
Monday through Saturday
11 AM to 8 PM
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